Maternity and Paternity Leave in GP Jobs

If you become pregnant during the scheme, please inform your educational supervisor, GP trainer (if this is different to your ed sup), practice manager, programme directors and Barbara Gow.  We appreciate as much notice as possible both for future planning and so that we can support you through your pregnancy.  Please let us know your EDD, the date you plan to start your maternity leave, the date you plan to return and whether you plan to work full or part time on your return.  Under normal circumstances you should have informed us by the end of the 15th week prior to the expected week of delivery or the date you want to start maternity leave if this is earlier.  You can start your maternity leave any time after the beginning of the 11th week before the baby is due.

When you return from your maternity leave you will be given the opportunity to complete your training.  However since you will have become “out of synch” with your originally planned rotation we cannot guarantee that you will return to the same practice where you were working previously or your exact choice of return date- please discus your plans for return with your educational supervisor and programme directors as soon as possible.

Fathers are entitled to take 2 weeks paternity leave- again please discus this with your educational supervisor, practice manager and programme directors as soon as possible.  Please be aware that if this takes your total leave in the year other than study and annual leave over the 2 week threshold you will be required to extend your training to make up these days- use the following chart to keep track of your leave of various types.