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Your Role in Training:

We rely heavily on the managers of our training practices and recognise that they play a very important role in training the Gps of the future.  There are a number of ways in which PMs are involved in training:

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  • Teaching –  our trainees can benefit hugely from tutorials on your areas of expertise, including management, finances and leadership
  • Practice approval – the deanery involves practice managers in visiting teams to assess the suitability of practices for training.  These visits can be fun and informative, an ideal opportunity for sharing good practice
  • Creating a learning environment – the sucess of a training practice depends on the organisational infrastructure and the team approach to learning and change.

Queries should be addressed to 

HR Manager contact – 0151 2904425

Support for Practice Managers New to Training:

We are aware that practices new to training need a lot of support and that practice managers, in particular, might benefit from the experience of other more established training practices.  If you would like to be added to our email circulation list please let us know by emailing

We can also link you up with a training practice in your area so that you can get 1:1 support and advice from an established training PM.

Training Practice approval

Following is the final version of the new approval form.  We have been piloting this over the last few months.  Also following is a guide document which describes the new processes in detail.  Both documents are shaped around the new GMC and HEE quality frameworks.

We have decided to change the processes as we recognise that we need to reduce the burden of the visits/approvals whilst maintaining the necessary quality of what we do. The main areas of change are listed below:

  1. An approval form which is separated into two parts.  One for the practice and one for the trainer/educational supervisor(s).
  2. A lengthened approval period of up to 5 years for an actual and 3 years for a virtual visit.
  3. A shortened approval visit.
  4. A more streamlined administration process.
  5. Greater consistency of approach.
  6. Greater clarity in the rare circumstances where we have any concerns about the arrangements for training and use of the word ‘requirements’ to better align ourselves with the GMC terminology. Our next task is to review the existing visits schedule and work out who will need visiting when.  You will hear from us at least six months before your visit (virtual or actual) is due.  Although there are a number of different permutations if you last had a virtual approval it will now be valid for 3 years and if you last had an actual visit it will now be valid for 5 years.

Training practice Approval Form – FINAL V2 – October 2017

Training Practice Approval Visit Pack – FINAL October 2017

Useful Resources:

You may find the resources listed in our Trainer section on ‘practicalities and administration’ useful.  There are links to important forms, contacts and guidance.

Access to Work Fact Sheet for Employers

Copy of ATW Process Map

Contract Resources

The Deanery and VTS team are responsible for the educational component of training but are not involved in their employment.  For information and advice on contracting, salaries, maternity pay, sick pay, pensions, indemnity, DBS and performers list applications please contact the single lead employer directly as above.

Worked example GP work schedule ST3

Thames Valley AIT Committee Guidance for Trainees and GP Supervisors

Guidance for GP practices 2016

Query Form – Thames Valley

Wessex – Thames Valley Presentation update

N.B. The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has been commissioned by NHS Employers to   provide support and advice to GP practices in Wessex and Thames Valley in relation to the introduction of this new contract for GP trainees.

As a GP practice likely to be employing one or more trainees on the new 2016 terms and conditions, you will need to be able to:

  • Gain an awareness of the  new 2016 Terms & Conditions of Service, and how they apply in a practice setting
  • Use, understand and implement compliant work schedules
  • Set up processes for managing exception reporting and work schedule reviews.

Under the terms of our arrangement with NHS Employers, the Royal Free London can provide the following:

  • Advice and support in the interpretation of the 2016 contract
  • Advice and support on the production of work schedules, including directing you to templates which you can use
  • Identifying whether pay protection is required and the calculation of this
  • Advice on how to engage a Guardian of Safe Working Hours (if there is not already one in place).

Should you wish to contact us for other advice or support in regard to the new contract please email the address below: (for Thames Valley Surgeries).

We aim to respond to 95% of queries within two working days. Complex queries may take a little longer, but we also aim to have resolved 95% of all queries within four working days

Please note that in keeping with standard NHS Employers’ practice as a body dedicated to supporting employers, we can only respond to queries raised by GP trainers or practice managers; we are unable to respond to queries raised by trainees. Any trainee contacting the service will be politely referred back to the employing practice to discuss his or her query with the practice

GP Advice Service (Thames Valley):

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Enfield Civic Centre

for and on behalf of NHS Employers

If you are a practice manager and you have resources which other practices would find helpful- or if you have input as to what you would like to see in this section of our website please email the programme directors at