Useful Forms, Links and Resources

Useful Forms and Links:


Employment issues, Contracts, Maternity pay, Sick pay and Expense Claims, indemnity, DBS checks:

The VTS and Deanery teams are responsible for the educational aspects of your training but are not involved in your employment.  For queries regarding anything to do with your contracts or pay you will need to contact the  single lead employer

Leave and absence

Returners to GP Training after absence with specific queries should contact Ann Howard and her email address is

Intradeanery Transfers

Less Than Full Time Training

Out of Hours

  • Reading and Newbury VTS OOH Record Sheet
  • Contact email for booking shifts with South Central Ambulance Service:
  • Guidance on out of hours work for GP trainees
  • Contact email for booking  Oxfordshire out of hours shifts:
  • Contact email for Oxfordshire out of hours Karen Haycroft:
  • Contact email  for booking Westcall out of hours shifts (Berkshire):


Deanery information on applying for out of programme experience 



Link to RCGP Guidance on e-portfolio and Work Place Based Assessment

Link to Login page for the e-portfolio


Induction and Refresher Scheme

The Induction and Refresher Scheme Portfolio route

National performers list:

NPL Guidelines for Specialty Trainees HEE Aug 2016 v.1

npl3-change-notific SW Medical


St3 Timeline

Training Timeline for ST3


 Thames Valley Appraisal team contact email:

Guidance on Preparation for Medical Appraisal for General Practitioners

Useful Contacts

Doctors in Difficulty