GP training at Reading and Newbury is a three year programme.  In line with national recommendations, your first two years (ST1 and 2) will be spent in undertaking a rotation of three and six month placements.  Of these first two years youwill spend 18 months in a variety of hospital placements and six in general practice.   Your final year (ST3) is spent in one of our training practices, usually at a different location to your placement in ST1 or 2, learning closely from your trainer- an apprenticeship type model.   During this year you can expect to be a full member of the practice involved in all aspects of it’s day to day running.

For a list of hospital jobs available on this scheme please see Hospital Training.  For a list of available GP placements please see GP Practices.

In addition to this excellent on-the-job training you will also receive protected teaching, both within your hospital departments/ practice and together with fellow Gp trainees as part of our scheme.  The teaching programme can be found on our website.